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Flexographic Romania is founded in 2001 and we specialize in printing labels, flexible packaging and bags for the food industry.

At the beginning of our activity, in 2001, we acquired the first flexo printing machine with full-computer UV ink in the country, raising the standard of the flexo printing in Romania to a level that has not yet reached the market. Wanting to be permanently in the top quality of the packaging market in our country in 2013 with an investment of about 3 million EUR, we purchased a new offset printing machine, being the first in the country using this technology in the flexible packaging market. Thus, Flexographic Romania, thanks to the printing with a resolution of up to 240pcs / inch, enters a direct competition with the roto print, but it also offers a number of important plus for our clients:

  • The costs of preparing the works are well below the training costs encountered in the case of the rotogravure, reaching up to only 10% of the value.
  • There is no minimum amount of print, with honors and small orders of only 50-100kg.
  • Rapid execution of the works, being able to deliver the works in only 2-3 days from placing the order.

Having a vast experience in the field, we can advise you and we can find together the best solutions for choosing the right materials for your products, thus substantially reducing planned costs without affecting in any way the quality.

Our goal is to find the perfect balance between raw material specifications, costs and the requirements of the finished product. It seems simple, but it is not. That is why we offer our full support. In the fierce competition in today’s market, any mistake can be fatal. With us you are sure you will not be wrong.


  • Two last generation printing lines that deliver high quality prints (240 lines / inch).

  • Two laminators and two high-speed rewinders.

  • Solventless lamination technology.

  • Two rewinder sliders for packaging finishing.

  • Department of Design (prepress) dealing with the preparation and making of printing plates.


Within our company, all organizational, commercial, and technical activities that influence quality are well planned, controlled and documented.

The overriding goal of our quality policy is the commitment of the company to create and develop, at all levels of the organization, a quality culture centered on customer satisfaction; this means direct leadership involvement to provide the human and technological resources needed, as well as the involvement of the entire organization to improve the quality of products and services offered.

From respect for our customers, end users and the environment, we use EB inks (Electron Beam), the technology with the smallest level of smell migration. In this way, we are able to meet even the strictest European regulations in the field (EU 1935/2004 / EC) and the 10ppb migration limit.

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